2022-10-17 08:13:33
Five Vastu Shastra Tips For Doors & Windows Of Home

Vastu Shastra is about regenerating positive energy in space. Energy flows in and out of your home through doors and windows. Vastu experts believe there is a specific direction in which to place doors and windows. It is done to promote a healthy & prosperous living.

Homeowners of Vastu-compliant homes should pay special attention to doors and windows for a variety of reasons (think position, orientation, materials used). Not only does it let in air and sunlight, but it also lets in positive energy and prevents negative energy from entering your home.

So if you're building a new home or remodelling, here's what you need to know about Vastu doors and windows:

1. Emphasise the main door:

Dwelling Doors According to Vastu, the main door of a house is the largest door in the house and should be placed in the north, east or northeast direction. Double doors that open inward are considered preferable. Try to incorporate a beautiful design with bright lights and good colors on the main door. As a general rule, don't make your front door boring and monotonous. 

 2. Even is fruitful:

Positivity can also occur in even numbers. According to Vastu experts, the number of doors and windows in a house should always be the same and be a multiple of 2, such as 2, 4, 6, etc.

3. Size matters:

All doors in the house should be of  the same size, except for the front door. Vastu experts advise not to change the size of the door. The only door that should stand out is the main door. If you still want some doors to be larger, make sure they are oriented south or west instead of north or east.

 4. Door mechanism:

When it comes to home door mechanisms, Door Vastu experts say it's best to use swing doors that don't creak when opening and closing. Arguments are likely to increase in homes with creaking doors and windows. Smooth hinges reflect better relationships at home. Make sure you also avoid self-closing doors.

5. Symmetry Matters: 

Windows & doors should ideally be  symmetrical in shape and of appropriate height. A window is a source of fresh air and sunlight, so it should always be placed opposite the door. This ensures maximum ventilation in the house. The number of windows in the house should also be even. Do not orient your windows southwest, as the sun's harmful UV rays are generally most intense in this direction. The larger the windows facing north, east or northeast, the better. North brings prosperity, East brings progress and health!

Vastu Rules For Home:

1. Start by always placing a threshold at your front door. 

2. A Vastu compliant home has steps or thresholds to attract wealth.

3. Make sure the main door is always off the ground .

4. The bedroom door should be smaller than the main door, which will be the largest in the house.

5. Make sure all doors open  clockwise.

6. Avoid another main  entry or exit door, or a main door facing directly into a compound wall or  abandoned site.

7. Avoid installing the main door directly beneath the underground tank or  septic tank.

8. Please do not leave your shoes or trash outside the front door. 

9. Please avoid obstacles such as telephone poles, trees, and wires in front of the front entrance.

10. Please do not decorate the outside of the door or the exit door with a statue of God. According to Doa Vatu, this can lead to misfortune.

11. If your house has multiple floors, be careful doors of the each floor should not overlap another.

Follow our Vastu Shastra Guide & make your home happy & prosperous.